The Company

Risetronics is a young company set-up in 2006, located in Brussels - Belgium.

Its establishment is the result of more than 10 years owners experience in the field of electronics - in both worlds of R&D and Production.

We act as subcontractors in the assembly of electronic boards using SMD technology and/or conventional trough-hole components.

Unlike other traditional CEMs, we focus our business in the field of rapid prototyping, small series production and rework.

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Thanks to its very flexible structure, Risetronics aims at being a privileged intermediary for companies involved in developing electronic projects.

We are able to carry out both manual and automated production processes, depending on project complexity, deadlines, quantities, component supply type ...

Risetronics offers a backing to developers based on service, quality and short delivery times.



Electronic components (small pitch, resistors, capacitors, mini-melfs)